Black Realistic Stages Of Lightening Hair Naturally

Realistic Stages Of Lightening Hair
Realistic Stages Of Lightening Hair

Realistic stages of lightening hair are Black or Darkest Brown Color, Dark Brown Color, Light Brown Color, Dark Blonde Color, Medium Blonde Color, Light Blonde Color, and Platinum or Icy Blonde/White Color.

Hair can also be cleared by various methods such as bleach, hair dye, natural lightening methods, baking soda and peroxide, and apple cider vinegar.

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Each hair has two types of melanin and they are:

  1. Eumelanin and
  2. pheomelanin. 

The function of this eumelanin and pheomelanin is to darken and lighten the hair.

Eumelanin: Its function is to darken the hair. The more eumelanin there is in the hair, the darker the hair will be. And since dark hair has more eumelanin, it’s a little harder to lighten. It usually gravitates towards the darker end of the color scale.

Feumelanin: Its function is to lighten the hair. The more Feumelanin in the hair, the lighter the hair will be.

Black Realistic Stages Of Lightening Hair

Black Realistic Stages Of Lightening Hair
Black Realistic Stages Of Lightening Hair

black realistic stages of lightening hair are three and that is lighting, bleaching, and coloring. Also, there are different methods but today we will discuss these three.

Let’s know how to lighten hair

Lighting: This allows you to artificially lighten or dissolve the hair color. You can only use it lightly on virgin hair.

Bleaching: If you want to lighten dark hair then bleach will be the best way for you.

  • Bleach is capable of removing moisture, but many people don’t want to use it because bleached hair tends to be dry and frizzy.
  • But what if you have black hair and now you want to convert this black hair to blonde hair? Then bleach will be very effective for you.

Dyeing: Dyeing is much gentler than bleach. However, it can cause dry and brittle hair.

  • However for the right results, you will need a combination of dye and bleach because we know that,
  • Dyes are less effective than bleaches so most dyes will lighten your hair by about 2 or 3 shades.

Special Note: Before trying the above methods, consult a hair specialist. This will keep your wallet safe.

 The best way to lighten hair is to use a mixture of baking soda and peroxide. And these two ingredients work: baking soda is the “bleach” and peroxide is the “developer”. By using these you can lighten your hair. You can even mix these to make a paste.

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Don’t know how to use baking soda and peroxide to lighten your hair? –


  • First, take two teaspoons of baking soda
  • In the second step, take 1 ½ teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide but be careful not to overdo it.
  • In the third step, mix these mixtures well
  • In the fourth step, mix the paste well on equal parts of your hair. After that leave it like this for about thirty minutes.

Using this method, you can go from step one to step six with just a few hair colors very easily. Of course, keep in mind that it has the same drying effect as bleach, similar to Etro.

Black Hair To Blonde Balayage

Black Hair To Blonde Balayage
Black Hair To Blonde Balayage

The word balayage means to sweep and is a French word.

A hairstylist will hand color your hair with balayage, which is a very delicate process. In organic methods, a hairstylist will apply the color to the roots of the hair. The hairstylist will help give your hair strands a natural-looking sun-kissed effect.

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Choosing the right color is very important for you Because if you want colored balayage like copper or red? . If you want to get a sun-kissed look and lighten your hair. Then you have to use bleach.

If you have warm undertones, warm colors like caramel or honey will suit you. If you have cool undertones, cool colors like platinum or ash blonde will suit you.

Achieving balayage highlights requires the right shade, technique, and patience. And as a result, you will get beautiful and natural-looking.

Let’s know the best balayage colors for nine types of black hair:

  • Ash blonde balayage on dark hair
  • Chestnut balayage
  • Caramel balayage
  • Copper balayage
  • Silver/grey balayage
  • Smokey Rose Balayage
  • Ash brown balayage
  • Burgundy balayage
  • Midnight blue balayage

Let’s take a look at some Balayage questions and answers that we often do –

Who Of Us Has To Bleach Black Hair For Balayage All The Time?

Answer: No, you don’t have to bleach your hair for this but if you want to make your hair color pop, you can.

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You should consult a professional colorist whenever you wish to get this process done properly. Then you will get good advice from them which will help to enhance the beauty of your hair.

Do you know how to do balayage on black hair, for that matter?

Answer: There are basically two main techniques for doing this: balayage highlights and foil highlights. Let’s know a little more about these two things that will play an important role for your hair.

  • Foil Highlights: This is a more traditional method, and the hair sections must be well sealed in the foil before the color is applied. This in turn helps speed up the foil lightening process.
  • Balayage Highlights: You will be happy to know that this is newer and can be dyed directly to the hair without using foils which is amazing. However, both methods can be used to get better results.

Do You Know How Long It Takes To Do Balayage On Black Hair?

Answer: How long it may take for your hair to turn black depends on the density and thickness of the hair. If you have thin or fine hair, the process will end faster. If you have thick or curly hair, the process may take a little longer.

However, according to experts, the process takes about two hours to complete.

How to Lighten Hair Naturally

There are several ways to lighten hair naturally, one of them is; You can use apple cider vinegar and lemon juice which we have already discussed above. There is also chamomile tea, or cinnamon and honey.

Nowadays everyone wants to be a bit modern. And one of the fashions for this is hair coloring. For this we see many people color their hair using different products but the natural method is the best. Because following this natural method will not harm your hair. Your hair will be shiny and smooth which will become attractive to all eyes.

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Moreover, various chemicals are used in the colors we use for hair coloring. Due to this, our hair becomes light, brittle, brittle, hair grows quickly, hair starts falling.

Such products are used for coloring hair. Due to the use of chemicals in those colors, sometimes it has many harmful effects on the hair and scalp.

So today we will discuss how you can make your hair beautiful naturally at home, as you have always wanted.

Carrot Juice Can Be Used to:

  • Carrots can be used to bring reddish-orange color to hair naturally.
  •  For this, first, you need to mix carrot juice with coconut oil well. Make sure that the mixture is completely mixed, then the beauty of the hair will increase.
  • After that apply the mixture of carrot and coconut oil to the hair. After applying it to the hair, cover it with a shower cap for an hour.
  • In the last step, washing with apple cider vinegar will bring back the natural color of the hair which will work very well.

Lightening Hair With Lemon

With lemon juice we can dye our hair in a natural way which will not harm our hair otherwise, if we use to market products to dye our hair then it can damage our hair.
 Because those colors use different types of chemicals which can harm your health and scalp.
 With lemon juice, you can bring golden color to your hair naturally.
Let’s see how you can get the job done with lemons at home –
  • In the first step, mix some water with lemon juice
  • Step 2: Fill a spray bottle with lemon juice mixed with water.
  • The third step, in this step, sprays the hair with the help of a spray bottle. After that cover your hair with a shower cap for 1 hour.
  • In the last step, wash off with water after covering the hair for 1 hour. Then you will see the beautiful golden glow that is loved by many. And you can get better results if you put it on and sit in the sun for a while.

Realistic Stages Of Lightening Hair Naturally

Realistic Stages Of Lightening Hair Naturally
Realistic Stages Of Lightening Hair Naturally

Ingredients you can use to lighten or color your hair naturally are beetroot juice, henna, coffee, and tea.
Let’s know how to make your hair color beautiful naturally with these ingredients –
 Use of beet juice:
Beetroot juice will be most effective for you if you want to dye your hair naturally or enhance your beauty. Using beetroot juice will give your hair a red color which looks very good.
Step 1: First you have to take one cup of beetroot juice. Mix a cup of carrot juice with it well. Care should be taken that the mixture mixes well with each other.
Second step: In this step, spray the hair with the help of a spray bottle. After that cover your hair with a shower cap for 3 hours.
Step 3: Now wash with cold water and the hair will turn red.

Hair Color Through Mehndi:

Mehndi is most commonly used to bring out the natural color of the hair and at the same time, it is a very popular method because the leaves of henna are natural. Where there are no chemicals so you can use them safely.
  • First step: First, henna leaves should be plucked from the plant, then, the leaves should be washed well and kept in a bowl.
  • Second step: After that, you have to grind the henna leaves well then you will see their natural color.
  • Step 3: For better results, you can mix henna leaves with tea or coffee water and use it on your hair. Then your hair will be dark and reddish in color. You can use henna mixture two to three times a month to make your hair color last longer and be more beautiful.

Light Brown Color Through Coffee-

If you want to dye your hair, you can do it easily with the help of coffee.
  • First step: First bring the coffee and then see if there is any kind of dirt in it. If there is dirt then it should be washed well.
  • Second step: After cleaning the coffee, mix it well with boiling water.
  • Third step: After mixing with water, this mixture should be kept in a strainer. Then, with the help of this spray, mix the mixture well in and around the roots of your hair. After mixing, keep it like this for one to two hours.
  • Finally, by doing this you will get your hair color to be shiny and it will look shade and light brown color. Which will become very interesting for everyone.

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