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If you like the idea of ​​making homemade smoothies, but don’t have a juicer, this job is for you! Here I will show you how to make homemade apple juice in a blender using step by step photos. As an added bonus, I offer you two simple recipes: a classic plain apple juice for every day and a spicy pomegranate juice.

If you’re looking for a refreshing summer drink, if you’re looking for a way to get a lot of apples from a nearby pine tree or the weather and look for a way to make Apple Mill wine in large quantities. And the other is hot, ready to drink: It’s important to learn how to make apple juice! In this post I will show you how to make apple juice with a blender or without the juice being completely without sugar or “additives”.

The result is a simple, unfermented apple juice that is perfect to drink alone or twice with other fruits!
Depending on the type of apple you use, homemade apple juice is usually sweet and savory, and can be mixed in a variety of flavors depending on the sweetness or flavor. Tate is apple juice. You can also enjoy apple juice with or without force!

Apple Juice Vs Apple cider

Don’t be embarrassed if you ever wonder if you are looking at an options table in a supermarket. This is actually a common question.
If you are British or Australian, the word “cider” can capture the image of your favorite bar. But alcohol does not define cider, and non-alcoholic apple cider is more common in the United States than any other type of beverage.
Cider is made by cutting an apple and grinding it into a puree like applesauce. It is then forced with a fine mesh filter or cloth to remove most (but not all) of the bone.
For apple juice, apples are sometimes cooked before being cooked, but not always. The main advantage is that there is still some gobble left.
Apple juice, by contrast, is the most important cleanser – all pulp is removed. The ingredients in the supermarket are also contaminated, so they are more safe than cedar.
In addition, the combination of alcohol is not associated with cedar as well as alcohol. Because it is not pasteurized, cedar can start fermenting if it is done for a long time.

What Are The Benefits Of Apple Juice?

Apple juice is both good and bad. It offers more negatives than most juices, but there are plenty of positives to be had from a glass of apple juice.

1. What Apples Do To Lose Weight

Head weight is difficult. first, Due to their shape, fruit juices are high in sugar.
Benefits of Apple Juice
Soft drinks do not contain grains that are high in fructose, but your digestive system still produces them in the same way. Drinking a lot of fruit juice means drinking a lot of sugar.
Not only that, but the juice purchased at some stores is adding more fish to keep pace with the growing demand for American fish. Liquids also do not satisfy you as food, so it is easy to drink a lot.
Here are some ways to improve your juicing habits for a weight loss plan. The first is to do it yourself to gain complete control over the components.
Breastfeeding is important for weight loss. However, there are also some non-vegetarian and clean water.
Therefore, daily drinking as a supplement to drinking habits can be a stimulant. The upside is that you can always reduce the amount of sugar you consume.

2. Apple For Skin

Some websites refer to apple juice as a skin miracle. Unfortunately, it wasn’t easy.
But what they will discover is that apples are a good source of vitamins and minerals. Contains vitamin C and other antioxidants, which are helpful for skin, ligament and vascular healing properties.
Of course, your body can’t store vitamin C for long – it needs to be taken regularly. Drinking broth is a quick and easy way to protect your body’s vitamin C benefits.

How to make apple juice

As mentioned above, apple juice (or apple juice) can be prepared in two ways. You can accelerate the fruit through a juicer or stove and then press it.
A fruit and vegetable juicer is the easiest way to juice. All you have to do is throw away the apple slices and let it do its job.
The traditional but more complicated way to make apple juice. (also known as apple juice) is to make apples. Just put the apples in a pot with enough water. Then bring to a boil and cook until dissolved.
Then, with a spoon, lightly mash the apple slices to remove most of the juice. Remember that leftover porridge can still be used to make clean apples later.
If the smell is strong, soak until you like it.
Some also recommend cooking apples with spices such as cinnamon or cloves. Others like to add fenugreek to fenugreek after it is cooked.
Remember, no matter how hard you try, your apple juice will spoil quickly. Put in the refrigerator and it will be done in a week.

Top (5) Easy And Delicious Apple Juice Recipes

1. The Best Recipe: Apple Juice

This three-part recipe for apple juice is a healthy drink that keeps you hydrated while you ingest essential nutrients.
In this recipe we add clay, ginger and apple juice to make a sweet and slightly spicy drink. For a refreshing experience why not forget to do so!

2.  Best Recipe: Green Apple Juice 

The raw apple cider recipe gives you a basic way to make a similar recipe for the supplement of your choice. This drink also provides essential nutrients, vitamin C, vitamin A and other powerful antioxidants.


  • 2 ounces spinach
  • 3 liters apple juice
  • 2 tablespoons honey


1. Spinach Juice. If necessary, add water to reduce consistency.
2. Mix spinach juice with apple juice and honey.
3. Serve immediately, with ice or refrigerated as needed.

3. Apple and carrot juice 

Carrot juice is an easy, nutrient-dense drink that needs a short list. The drink reminds us of the flavors of three fruits and vegetables: carrot, apple and orange.
Without a doubt, apple juice is a refreshing drink for children and adults alike. Keep it in the fridge for a satisfying meal!


  • 12 FL Oz apple juice, starting at 16 Oz
  • 8 ounces orange juice, 14 ounces orange juice
  • 1 teaspoon ginger
  • 2 ice packs


1. Clean everything up. Cut carrots, oranges and ginger.
2. Remove the edges and cut the carrots into rounds. Slice apples and oranges into quarters. Remove seeds (select).
3. Stir the juices and remove everything from the food.
4. Once all the juices have been collected, stir to combine, then add 1/2 cup ice to each bowl and pour over the juices and vegetables.
5. Good feet.

4. Cider and Vodka 

Cider and Vodka is an easy drink that can be made in 5 minutes with just a few functional ingredients!
It’s vodka.
The soft and pure aroma of vodka pairs perfectly with the fresh and sweet apple aroma. Mixed with lemon juice, this mixture gives it its unique sweet, salty and bright flavor.


  • 16 ounces apple juice
  • 4 FL Oz 80 vodka
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 2 cups crushed ice cream


1. Pour applesauce, vodka, lemon juice, and sugar into a large pitcher. Stir until sugar dissolves.
2. Add the cinnamon and mix well.
3. Serve with ice.

5. Unsweetened Juice 

sugar refining
This unsweetened juice will make you never want to go back to the apple cider vinegar market!


  • 2 cups ice cream
  • 24 ounces apple juice (20 ounces red apples, 4 ounces green apples)
  • 1 teaspoon rosemary


1. Roll the apple slices one by one with the help of a juicer.
2. Pour apple juice into glass.
3. Add ice cubes and rosemary for garnish. appreciate.


Many people prefer to drink apple juice rather than raw. The high water content in this juice works well in juice.
The nutritional value of apple juice is the same as that of raw apples and fresh apples. Most juices on the market contain nutrients that reduce the nutritional value of apple juice. So making apple juice at home is the best way to get the best nutrition.

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