Why Does My Stomach Keep Making Noises

Why Does My Stomach Keep Making Noises
Why Does My Stomach Keep Making Noises

Why Does My Stomach Keep Making Noises: When we eat food, food accumulates in our stomach and then the food begins to be digested. At this time there is a noise in the stomach which we call Borborygmi. Which is usually seen as bowel sounds during the digestive process.

Smooth muscles contract in our intestines and squeeze our food and gas through the 30 feet of the large intestine and small intestine. And this process is called peristalsis, and it is this process that produces our stomach sounds.

Just because you can’t hear these sounds doesn’t mean it’s not making noise. If you want to hear its sound, you can go to the doctor and hear these sounds through the stethoscope.

Let’s look at some specific foods that often cause digestive problems such as dairy products, legumes, cruciferous vegetables, artificial sweeteners, etc.

Let’s know in detail which foods are not digested in our stomachs.

Dairy products: About 65% of us are lactose intolerant. And its main source is milk because the main source of milk is carbohydrate sugar.

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Legumes: Carbohydrate foods that many people cannot digest are: lentils, beans, peas, and peanuts, which are difficult for many to digest.

Cruciferous Vegetables: There are some vegetables that can be difficult for the digestive system to break down such as Brussels sprouts, cabbage, kale, cauliflower, broccoli, and other green vegetables that are our daily food.

Artificial Sweeteners: Contains artificial sugars such as diet-carbonated drinks, sugar-free gums, and candies such as sorbitol and fructose, which can be difficult to digest.

Stomach Making Loud Gurgling Noises

Stomach Making Loud Gurgling Noises
Why Does My Stomach Keep Making Noises-Stomach Making Loud Gurgling Noises

If you always suffer from digestive problems, even if you have frequent abdominal pain, indigestion with diarrhea, and nausea, then you should consult a doctor. Because this problem is caused by various reasons such as irritable bowel syndrome which is also abbreviated as IBS, gastroparesis, or other complications.

Low wind or bowel sounds often indicate constipation, which we often don’t understand. And these bowel sounds can often be heard without a stethoscope. Also, an important fact is that the term hyperactive bowel means increased bowel activity.

To get rid of these gas problems, practice walking regularly after eating. Also, chew food slowly.

Do not overeat as it takes time to complete the digestion process inside the stomach which can cause gas in your stomach.

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We all know more or less that acidic foods increase our gas problem so these foods should be avoided.

There are several other reasons for constant rumbling in the stomach such as indigestion, stress, and anxiety, and taking certain medications can also cause stomach gas problems.

Stomach acid first enters your esophagus, then it causes symptoms such as heartburn, rash, chest pain, back pain, sore throat, and wheezing that can be caused by your food or acid reflux.

Why Does My Stomach Make So Much Noise at Night?

Why Does My Stomach Keep Making Noises
Why Does My Stomach Keep Making Noises-Why Does My Stomach Make So Much Noise at Night?

All foods that reduce gas are very important for you because gas is now our daily problem. So we have to eat proper food to avoid gas.

So let’s know about all the foods that are likely to cause gas:

1. Meat, chicken, fish

2. egg

3. Vegetables like Lettuce, Tomato, Zucchini, and Okra.

4. Fruits include cantaloupe, grapes, berries, cherries, avocados, and the olives we are most familiar with.

5. Drink water: Drinking water can help move any gas-causing food in your system through the digestive process, so drink water regularly.

6. Hot water: By drinking hot water, you will get rid of gas at least a little.

7. Bananas: Eating bananas will reduce your gas and bloating. Because when bananas ripen, their resistant starch turns into simple sugars that are very beneficial for us.. So banana increases your digestive power

How to Stop Stomach Noises

There are certain foods that can cause gas in our stomach including sugar, alcohol, and acidic foods. Also sugars like fructose and sorbitol.

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Also citrus fruits, coffee, and acidic foods can make your stomach growl after eating.

Why is My Stomach Making Noise After Eating

Our gut contains some good bacteria that protect us from pathogens. Also, these bacteria help to break down compounds in our food and increase our immune system.

So to avoid stomach gas you have to eat slowly and even eat small meals because if the food is bloated it takes time to digest the food.

Let’s know some important facts about hyperactivity:

Common features of hyperactivity include:

  • Constant movement
  • Aggressive behavior
  • impulsive behavior
  • Being easily distracted

If you struggle to stay still or concentrate, you may develop other problems as a result. For example, it could be:

  • This leads to difficulties at school or work
  • Strained relationships with friends and family
  • leading to accidents and injuries
  • Increases risk of alcohol and drug abuse

Hyperactivity is known to be a symptom of an underlying mental or physical health condition. Because one major condition associated with hyperactivity is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, abbreviated as ADHD.

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What ADHD does is make you overactive, inattentive, and impulsive. And its effects are usually diagnosed at a young age. However, some people continue to notice these symptoms well into adulthood.

Hyperactivity is treatable so there is no need to worry if you notice any changes in your behavior then consult a doctor.

There are several reasons for hyperactivity such as It can be due to mental or physical conditions. For example, conditions affecting your nervous system or thyroid may have an effect on hyperactivity.

The most common causes of hyperactivity are:

  • ADHD
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • brain disorders
  • Nervous system disorders
  • Psychological disorders
  • Use of stimulant drugs, such as cocaine or methamphetamine (meth), should be advised by a doctor before use.
  • So it is very important to be careful about all these things.

However, when your stomach exhibits symptoms of diarrhea, your bowel sounds are said to be hyperactive.

 Diarrhea causes your muscles to move, and fluid and intestinal gas to increase, causing the stomach to swell.

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Again, our bowel sounds are also caused by some harmful conditions such as malabsorption. Because, when malabsorption occurs, the nutrients in your intestines are not absorbed well by the small intestine.

In addition to releasing gas, our intestines also release hydrogen and other substances. This increases intestinal fluid, which increases the contraction of your intestinal muscles.

Finally, the answer to Why Does My Stomach Keep Making Noises is Stomach gas or diarrhea. And one of the main causes of this disease is our food.

So we should avoid those foods that are fried with too much oil. Food fried in oil is just as harmful to our health as it is harmful to stomach gas.


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