You can get diabetes from eating too much sugar

You can get diabetes from eating too much sugar
You can get diabetes from eating too much sugar

are you know this You can get diabetes from eating too much sugar? the answer is yes. We who love to eat sweets, many times the question comes to the mind of whether eating too much sugar can lead to diabetes? The answer is: Yes because eating too much sugar can lead to type 2 diabetes. When you realize that eating too much sugar or sweets is causing you to gain weight, you should realize that you are increasing your risk of developing type-2 diabetes. So the advice to all is to stay away from excess sugar or sweet foods and keep yourself and your family healthy because if one family member is sick it affects all members of the family.

We know that there are basically two types of diabetes – type-1 diabetes and type-2 diabetes. Among these two types of diabetes, type-2 diabetes is a little more complicated and sugar does not cause type-1 diabetes. The insulin-producing cells in our pancreas are destroyed by our immune system. And sugar doesn’t cause type-2 diabetes by itself, but if you gain excess weight, you are more likely to get type-2 diabetes.

do you know How to reduce blood sugar level immediately with food nowadays?

do you know How to reduce blood sugar level immediately with food nowadays
do you know How to reduce blood sugar level immediately with food nowadays

Do you want to reduce and control your blood sugar? Looking for food for this? What foods will control your blood sugar? If you are looking for these answers then you have come to the right place then let’s know the list of those foods:

First of all, you can eat low glycemic foods because foods containing Gi are very low in blood sugar such as coffee, chocolate, yogurt, mushrooms, cauliflower, milk, mango, pomegranate, beans etc.

And the high glycemic foods are pumpkin, barley, boiled potatoes, sugar, etc.

Let’s know the benefits of eating foods rich in the low glycemic index:

1. Low glycemic foods can help control blood sugar levels in people with type-2 diabetes.

2. If you gain weight, you can eat low glycemic foods to help you lose weight.

3. Most of us suffer from heart disease and this heart disease occurs in the presence of cholesterol so if you eat foods with low glycemic index then your cholesterol level will be normal.

4. Also, low glycemic foods protect against various types of cancer such as breast cancer, colorectal and endometrial.

You can eat wheat bread to control diabetes because wheat bread will have a GI score of 55 or less on the low scale. Wheat bread helps normalize and stabilize blood sugar levels, and fiber helps slow digestion.

Many studies have shown that eating less processed grains improves blood sugar levels in people with type-2 diabetes.

Now see which breads you can eat:

Spelled bread, rice bread, wheat bread.

The bread that cannot be eaten are: white bread, bread made with sugar, sweet fruit bread, toast with raisins, all these foods cannot be eaten.

 is it true  Foods that lower blood sugar instantly without insulin immediately?

Here are some foods that can quickly lower your blood sugar without insulin:

Foods like beans, grapes, almonds, oats, whole wheat bread, seafood, pumpkin, okra, lentils, kimchi, berries etc.

Now let’s know in detail about all these foods:

Citrus fruits: Although citrus fruits are sweet, they help to normalize the blood sugar level because it can be said that citrus fruits are known as low glycemic fruits.

 Berries: Berries help control blood sugar.

How to reduce blood sugar level immediately?

If your blood sugar level becomes too high, the most effective steps you can take are to exercise and take insulin as soon as your doctor advises.

Sometimes it is better to do these things in the hospital rather than in the bar because the doctors do these things professionally. If you are new then you may face various problems.

 If your blood sugar level is high then the symptoms of diabetic ketoacidosis are discussed below:

You may experience shortness of breath

Nausea and vomiting may occur

If you do not understand what to do when your mouth becomes dry, consult a doctor.

Eating protein-rich foods can quickly lower your blood sugar levels, causing high blood sugar if your body’s insulin levels are low. So check your blood sugar 15-40 minutes after you use insulin.

Physical activity helps to reduce your blood sugar level quickly, so if you are always engaged in work instead of sitting at home all the time, you can control your diabetes. When you work out, all the muscles in your body are activated and the blood can circulate normally, so your mind will be fresh and you will feel refreshed.

Exercise increases the amount of glucose in your body so blood sugar levels tend to be lower.

So wake up every morning and try to walk 3-4 kilometers by doing this your diabetes will be normal.

How much sugar causes diabetes

It is not possible to say how much sugar you eat can lead to diabetes, but if the sugar level is high, there is a possibility of type-2 diabetes. So eat less food with sugar, this is the advice of all doctors. It is better to avoid these foods especially sweets, chickpeas, butter made from milk, etc. as they contain excess sugar.

And excess sugar not only increases diabetes but also harms your health.

The maximum recommended intake of sugar for an adult is 30 grams, but since this 30 gram is too low, we cannot calculate it because a bar of chocolate or sweet drink contains 2 to 3 times more sugar. So we have to be aware of eating all these sweet foods.

Symptoms of high blood sugar

How do you know if you have diabetes? There are many people who have diabetes but they don’t realize it which often leads to fatal accidents.

Let’s know now what are the symptoms of diabetes:

1. Fatigue or lethargy: High blood sugar can cause extreme fatigue because high blood glucose causes the blood vessels to swell, causing signs of monocyte depletion in the brain, and these monocytes are immune cells that are thought to cause fatigue. Later blood circulation slows down around the body and when this happens our organs and cells do not get the necessary oxygen from the blood.

2. Your vision may be blurred due to diabetes because it occurs due to low blood sugar levels, so when such symptoms appear, you should go to the doctor immediately.

3. Excessive thirst can cause diabetes and this excessive thirst is called polydipsia and polydipsia is a symptom of high blood sugar levels.

4. Dehydration occurs when you urinate because when you urinate, your body loses water, and your thirst increases.

5. This symptom of diabetes is called polyphagia. One of the symptoms is that no matter how much you eat, you will feel like your stomach is empty and you will want to eat more. You will be hungry all the time.

6. Your mouth will become dry and these symptoms are called xerostomia. This occurs when the symptoms of high blood sugar levels are manifested. The question may come, how to understand that your mouth is dry, the answer is: the lips will burst, the lips will be sore, the mouth will be sore, and gum infection may appear.

7. Your itching may increase which is due to high blood sugar levels, so if you have extra itching go to the doctor and check if you have diabetes or not.

8. High blood pressure damages your blood vessels and this happens when you have diabetes symptoms.

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